Ever since he could remember, Kendrick wanted to be a singer. Born and raised in Los Angeles Ca., he has continued the legacy of music his parents established and has devoted a life to the study and performance.  Doing everything to nurture his natural abilities, Kendrick’s passion and determination is driven to entertain the world.

In 2003, he discovered lyrical talents and in 2004 began a recording career.  He has made many lyric and vocal contributions to local independent artists.  Because everyone sounded the same, he was driven to forge his music with an original sound.

2009 started the new era of production on the first solo project with help of his co-producer.  This project is an endless resort of a battle struggling to be in control of his own independent sound.  The result of the rebellious attitude ends up in a new direction that goes beyond the “standards” of today’s pop music.

Next, in 2011, Kendrick took production into his own hands, which resulted in a self-produced song entitled “One Man Army”, August, 2013.  Today he continues production with the release of an EP entitled “Kendrick of the Jungle”, with an LP to follow.  On June 14,2014 “Can’t Get Enough” premiered on 101.1 FM in Oregon.  After the radio appearance, Kendrick had his first solo show in November at Salud Restaurant & Brewery.  Immediately after that the pre-production of Savage came into play.  March 23 the release of “X” hit the market.  After this single release, a lyric video was produced and uploaded on 4-20.

Following up on his birthday, November 21, 2015 was the release of a teaser single “Give It II Me”.  All of 2015 was spent recording “Savage”, and re-recording “The Rebellion”.  Both albums were released on March 16, 2016 with a deluxe edition featuring clean versions of both as a single purchase September 3, 2016.

On July 24, 2017, he released his first project “Heart” written and produced for another artist.  As of now, he consistently continues to write, produce, and record music.